Thor’s Oak Ocicat Kittens

At Thor’s Oak, we register our Ocicat kittens with both GCCF and FIFe.

Our Ocicat kittens are born in our bedroom. We raise them indoors and the kittens have free run of our home with our queens. As a result, they are fully socialised.

We are waiting for the kitty stork to bring kittens. They will be available to people who are looking for additions to, loving homes, as pets or for showing at properly organised shows. We sometimes home kittens for breeding.
Our vet health checks all of our Thor’s Oak kittens. Our vet vaccinates the kittens (with the initial 2-course injections) at 9 and then 12 weeks of age. They are also wormed, flea treated and microchipped before they adopt their new family.

There is no NHS for pets so we highly recommend you purchase Pet Insurance for the new addition to your family. We will give you 4 weeks of free PetPlan insurance to start you off.

Thor’s Oak Kitty Waiting List

We have a small waiting list. People on the waiting list will be contacted once we have selected any kittens for breeding.

Our cats told us to tell you “If you are on the waiting list and have not heard from us there is no harm in giving us a nudge  to remind us of you (they also say that, we are only humans after all)”


Available and Expected Ocicat Kittens.

Next Mating at Thor’s Oak

Sol is making it known that she wants to visit a Boy.

We will ttook her to meet Njord later Friday (25/1/2023)

Around 8/3/2022

Syn will go to  Njord or Baldr





will take place when the girls decide.
Please contact us to enquire about kittens from these litters, or litters latter this year



Please contact us for more information about available or future kittens

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