Ocicat Classic (Aztec) & Ocicat Queens at Thor’s Oak

Here you can meet our Ocicat Queens

Grand Champion Thorsoak Amorpha

Amorpha is a Blue Ocicat Classic (Aztec). She is a daughter of Tikari and Thickthorn Cus Cus. An adorable playful girl, with whom everyone falls in love.

She has blessed us with beautiful kittens


Thorsoak Cyhiraeth (Kirí)

Mum is Honey (Now Retired) and dad is Sonnüng, meaning that Kirí is a F2 Ocicat.

Cyhiraeth is named after the Celtic goddess of streams.

She is a playful athlete who adores and is adored by, everyone she meets.

Having a beautiful Black Silver Ticked Tabby coat she stands out in a crowd.



Thorsoak Modir (Modir)

Modir’s Litter from Modi




Modir is a full sister of Sonnüng but born from a mating several years later.


A Black Silver Ocicat Classic she is quite large for a girl. Like her mum Tikari, she is proving to be a good mother.

Though her markings are blurred she has given us clearly marked spotty and classic patterned kittens.



Champion Thorsoak Freyja (Freyja)

Freyja is the daughter of FIFe Supreme Grand Champion Jacobscat Cato and GCCF Grand Champion Thorsoak Amorpha.

Freyja is named after the Norse goddess associated with war, death, love, beauty, fertility & gold, who rode on a chariot drawn by two cats.



Champion Syr Amagitsune*RU (Sýr)

© Frank Mandix – A picture of young Sýr in our garden

Sýr, taken in Sep 2020 ©Frank Mandix

Sýr (pronounced Sooi:r) Is another name for Freyja.

coming from Irina Koreleva Sýr settled in with us very quickly.

At her first show, as a kitten, she made best foreign. She has since gained 2 Challenge certificates.

On 29/6/19 Sýr was awarded her 3rd CC making her a GCCF Champion

Sýr and her first litter


Thorsoak Syn (Sýn)

Sýn (pronounced seeyn)A handmaiden of Frigg, and the guardian of Frigg’s hall, she is the Defendant. The Goddess  of Truth — Justice — Denial

Photos coming shortly

Our Sýn is the daughter of Modir and Modi was born in June 2019.

She is a friendly and lithe, but slightly shy, black silver Ocicat


Ran of Thorsoak Locicat (Rán)

Pictures Coming Soon

Rán (pronounced Rayoun A Blue solid Ocicat from Locicat cattery of Czechia.

Rán is the namesake of the Norse Goddess of the sea