Ocicat Classic (GCCF Aztec) & Ocicat Queens at Thor’s Oak

Here you  meet our Ocicat Queens

Champion Thorsoak Freyja (Freyja)

Freyja is the daughter of FIFe Supreme Grand Champion Jacobscat Cato and GCCF Grand Champion Thorsoak Amorpha.

Freyja is named after the Norse goddess associated with war, death, love, beauty, fertility & gold, who rode on a chariot drawn by two cats.



Ocicat Land Rindr (Rindr)

We thank Denis Lepres of Ocicat Land, for allowing us to have this lovely girl.

Rindr finally arrived at Thor’s Oak in April 2021, at 6 months old. Her arrival was delayed by the twins, COVID and Brexit.

A Chocolate addition to Thorsoak.


Rindr’s namesake is a Jotun or maybe a Princess of the East.

She was made pregnant by Odin and bore Vali who avenged Baldr’s killing. Rindr is the personification of the hard, frozen rind of the Earth.

The original snow queen?



All the way from Finland

Wiliwilla Gefjun of Thorsoak (Gefjun)

We thank Sini for trusting us with this beautiful  girl

Again, her arrival was delayed by the twins, COVID and Brexit. She arrived at Thor’s Oak in July 2021 aged about 8 months

A Chocolate Silver addition to Thorsoak.




Gefjun takes her name from a Norse goddess of agriculture, fertility, abundance, and prosperity. Her name is derived from the Old Norse verb gefa, “to give,” and her name can be translated as “Giver” or “Generous One.”



Thorsoak Beyla-Ransdatter (Beyla)


Beyla is a well-contrasted black Silver Ocicat.

The daughter of Rán and Anizz Odin of Albion

Beyla at LH SLH & AB Show 3

Beyla playing Meercat

Beyla at LH SLH & AB Show 1 


“I am NOT impressed”

Beyla at LH SLH & AB Show 2 


Beyla is named after Beyla (Old Norse: [ˈbœylɑ]) is one of Freyja’s servants along with her husband, Byggvir, in Norse mythology. Beyla is mentioned in stanzas 55, and 66, and the prose introduction to the Poetic Edda poem Lokasenna. Since this is the only mention of Beyla, scholars have turned to the etymology of Beyla’s name for additional information about her.[ However, the meaning of her name is unclear and her name has been proposed as related to “cow,” “bean,” or “bee.”  

On 22/04/2022 Beyla presented us with a litter of 6 kittens, 1 of which was a beautiful market Ocicat classic who we named Thorsoak Magni-Biornsson.

Our hope is that Magni will, as they say, “sire many strong sons and beautiful daughters”

Beyla at LH SLH & AB Show 3

Beyla playing Meercat

From Germany

Grand Champion Ocicat Stars Queen’s Sol (Sól)

We thank Sylvia and Helmut Hoyk of Ocicat Stars, for allowing us to have this lovely girl.

Sól arrived at Thor’s Oak on November 26th November 2021

A Cinnamon Classic Tabby patterned addition to Thorsoak.


Sól is named after the Norse goddess of the sun.
During Ragnarok, which in Norse mythology is the end of the world, Sol will finally be swallowed by the wolf Skoll along with the sun, and the Earth will submerge into the waters.
Conversely, at Thorsoak we are hoping Sol is part of a continuing strengthening of the world of Ocicats


GCCF Grand Champion & FIFe Champion Thorsoak Nott-Ransdatter

Born from Rán and Modi, Nott is a blue ocicat who has adopted Monika.
Lithe and powerful, yet very graceful. 


Named after Nott the Norse Goddess of Night.

Nott (“Night”) is the Goddess of the night who rides the Night-Chariot in its track through the sky. She is the grandmother of Thor.

Nott is the wife of the god Dellingr and their son Dagr is the personified day.