Thor’s Oak Ocicats Boys

This is where you can meet the Ocicat boys at Thor’s Oak Ocicats


Thorsoak Hoenir-Biornsson (Hœnir)

Hœnir (pronounced high-nir) is named after Odin’s companion who played a part in the creation of the first humans.

Our Hœnir is the son of Champion THORSOAK FREYJA and Grand Champion Thorsoak Biorn

Born on 29/5/2019, Hœnir is a Black Silver Ocicat









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CH Thorsoak Njord Baldrsson (Njord)

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Njord and two of his cousins

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Born 13/04/2021 Njord is, as his name indicates, the son of Baldr. His dam is Champion Thorsoak Freyja.

A young lad at the moment who is growing to be a good strong boy. He is a Chocolate Ocicat Classic.

Named after Njǫrðr a Norse god associated with the sea, seafaring, wind, fishing, wealth, and crop fertility.

Njord’s first show at the Special GCCF Show Celebrating 150 years of cat shows on 14 August 2021 where he was awarded 1st place in his open class (Aztec kitten) by Mr Mark Pearman. We are hoping the judges are favourable an Njord can continue in his Grand Sire’s (I Gr Ch Thorsoak Sonnung) footsteps.

Njord became a GCCF Champion on 22/10/2022


(GCCF) Champion Thorsoak Magni-Hoenirsson (Magni)

Magni is the god of strength and might. Son of the great Thor and the jotunn Jarnsaxa, he is associated with physical power and family loyalty. His name means ‘mighty’ or ‘strong’ in Old Norse. He is often mentioned as a twin brother to Modi, Thor’s son with Sif. Magni is known for saving his father Thor after his duel with the stone giant Hrungnir.
 Our Magni is a very relaxed, friendly black-silver Ocicat Classic who loves attention and cuddles.The son of Hœnir and Beyla. Magni was born on 22/04/22Magni was made Champion on 09/04/2023, after three succesive shows in GCCF.



MAGNI AT THE London and Essex Show 2023

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