Our Retired Ocicat Girls

Here you can meet our Retired Ocicat Girls

After giving birth to a few litters our Queens are neutered so that they can enjoy life in retirement as a pet.

Although we would love to keep them, once neutered the now-neutered cats fall to the bottom of the pack and are often picked on and bullied by the remaining entire cats. Before this can happen, we look for a new family where they can be pets and enjoy their life.

Champion Thickthorn Sast Sundew (Sæst)

Sast as a Kitten

Sast when she was very young

Sæst was our second Queen. First of all, she presented us with Biorn our second Boy from Thickthorn Thunderbolt. In her second litter, she produced an outstanding cinnamon kitten which, was unfortunately for our plans, a boy.

We continued to repeat the mating, in the hope of getting a cinnamon girl, however, the mix of genes required eluded us, for 4 years. Finally, in early spring of 2016, we agreed with Rosemary Caunter to neuter Sæst. Now she is happily retired.


Champion Ameeka Indianna Belle (Indie)

Our beautiful, Champion Ameeka Indiana Belle, affectionately called Indie was our third Queen, A smaller Blue Ocicat Girl. She presented us with a number of very fine kittens, including Myrrha.

Indie was sometimes a little shy, at the same time she is always happy to meet people once she had studied them for a short time. Indie was neutered, with much regret, in Autumn of 2016, aged 5.

Now Indie is happy in retirement with her forever family.

Indie in her new home


Grand Champion Thorsoak Amorpha

Now living with her new family, sweet Amorpha is a Blue Ocicat Classic . She is  Tikari’s daughter. her sire was Thickthorn Cus Cus. Amorpa is an adorable playful girl, with whom everyone falls in love.

She has blessed us with beautiful kittens including Freyja and Thorsoak Zeus of Rymelias



Champion Syr Amagitsune*RU (Sýr)

© Frank Mandix – A picture of young Sýr in our garden

Sýr, taken in Sep 2020 ©Frank Mandix

Sýr (pronounced Sooi:r) Is another name for the Goddess Freyja.

Coming, to us, from Irina Koreleva Sýr settled in with us very quickly.

At her first show, as a kitten, she made best foreign. She has since gained 2 Challenge certificates.

On 29/6/19 Sýr was awarded her 3rd CC making her a GCCF Champion

Sýr and her first litter

Sýr has been neutered and has gone to her new home with her forever family of new slaves.


Thorsoak Modir (Modir)

Modir’s Litter from Modi

Modir is a full sister of Sonnüng but born from a mating several years later.


A Black Silver Ocicat Classic she is quite large for a girl. Like her mum Tikari, she proved to be a good mother.

Though her markings are blurred she gave us clearly marked spotty and classic patterned kittens.

Modir retired in July 2021 and has now chosen her new slaves.




Thorsoak Cyhiraeth (Kirí)

Mum is Honey (Now Retired) and dad is Sonnüng, meaning that Kirí is an F2 Ocicat.

Cyhiraeth is named after the Celtic goddess of streams.

Being a tiked tabby ocicat she could not be show in competition, but was shown in exhibition classes and was adore by her public.

She is a playful athlete who adores and is adored by, everyone she meets.

Having a beautiful Black Silver Ticked Tabby coat she stands out in a crowd.

Kirí has now been Rehomed as a much loved pet.




Thorsoak Syn (Sýn)

Sýn (pronounced seeyn)A handmaiden of Frigg, and the guardian of Frigg’s hall, she is the Defendant.

The Goddess of Truth, Justice & Denial


Our Sýn is the daughter of Modir and Modi was born in June 2019.

She is a friendly but slightly shy, lithe black silver Ocicat

Syn gave us 3 beautiful litters and is succeded by her daughter Lofn