Our Retired Ocicat Girls

Here you can meet our Retired Ocicat Girls

Thickthorn Tikari-Thyme (Tikari)

Tikari was our foundation Queen. A Tawny Ocicat Classic (Aztec). Tikari gave us outstandingly beautiful kittens for 6 years, furthermore, these included three breeding cats. The most noteworthy being Sonnung. Finally, Tikari was mated to Homer again. She produced five kittens, including Modir. Therefore, at 7 years of age, we decided that Tikari should take a well-earned retirement.

Tikari is a very affectionate cat, yet she hated being shown. She was an excellent mother, in addition, she would help other Queens with their litters. Her new duties consist of being happy and getting lots of fuss.

She was also the Matriarch. She would chastise any cats who decide to squabble.

Tikari is now with living life with her forever family as a very happy pet


Champion Thickthorn Sast Sundew (Sast)

Sast as a Kitten

Sast when she was very young

Sast was our second Queen. First of all, she presented us with Biorn our second Boy from Thickthorn Thundertbolt. In her second litter she produced an outstanding cinnamon kitten which, was unfortunately for our plans, a boy.

We continued to repeat the mating, in the hope of getting a cinnamon girl, however, the mix of genes required eluded us, for 4 years. Finally in early spring of 2016, we agreed with Rosemary Caunter to neuter Sast. Now she is happily retired.



Champion Ameeka Indiana Belle

Our beautiful, Champion Ameeka Indiana Belle, affectionately called Indie was our third Queen, A smaller Blue Ocicat Girl. She presented us with a number of very fine kittens, including Myrrha.

Indie was sometimes a little shy, at the same time she is always happy to meet people, when she has studied them for a short time. Indie was neutered, with much regret, in Autumn of 2016, aged 5.

Now Indie is happy in retirement with her forever family.

Indie in her new home


Thickthorn Honeydew (Honey)


Our Honey

A shy girl and a wonderful mum.

Mother of Kíri

Honey is now retired.

She is relaxing in her new home as a pet.

Honey at her new home