In Memory Of Thors Oak cats who have Crossed Bifröst to run free with the Goddess Freja

Imperial Grand Champion Thorsoak Sonnung (Sonnüng)

Sonnüng Crossed Bifröst in December 2023.

He took his name from Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. Thor has several names one is Sonnüng. His name translates as ‘the true one’. Our belief is Sonnüng was aptly named.

One of Tikari’s firstborn, Sonnüng is a Chocolate Silver, well proportioned, muscular, a boy who has a pronounced ‘wild look’. Although he is, in reality, a big softy.

Sonnung was the first GCCF Titled Ocicat Classic. The first Grand Champion Ocicat Classic and the first Imperial Grand Champion Ocicat Classic
Sonnüng retired on 11th March 2021, after a long career during which he gave us many strong sons and beautiful daughters!

For Thickthorn Tikari-Thyme (Tikari)

Now With the Goddess having crossed Bifröst in October 2022 after battling cancer.

Tikari was our foundation Queen. A Tawny Ocicat Classic. Tikari gave us outstandingly beautiful kittens for 6 years, furthermore, these included three breeding cats. The most noteworthy being Sonnüng. Finally, Tikari was mated to Homer again. She produced five kittens, including Modir. Therefore, at 7 years of age, we decided that Tikari should take a well-earned retirement.

She was also the Matriarch. She would chastise any cats who decide to squabble.

Tikari was a very affectionate cat, yet she hated being shown. She was an excellent mother, in addition, she would help other Queens with their litters. Her last duties consist of being happy and getting lots of fuss.

She was also the Matriarch. She would chastise any cats who decide to squabble.

Tikari spent her last years living life with her forever family as a very happy pet

Thickthorn Honeydew (Honey)

Our Honey, Always in our memory

Honey at her Forever Home

Honey was a tawny ticked tabby Ocicat (f1)

Her mum was a usual Abyssinian and her dad was a Tawny Ocicat

A shy girl and a wonderful mum.

Honey is the Mother of Kíri

Honey spent her last years as a pet with her forever family.

She Crossed Bifröst to Join the Goddess just before Yule 2023

In Memory of Ran of Thorsoak Locicat (Rán)

Rán and her first Ocicat litter

Rán and her first litter

Rán (pronounced Rayoun A Blue solid Ocicat from  Locicat cattery in Czechia.

She is named after Rán the Norse Goddess of the sea

With her sleek shining coat showing ghost spots, she made a big contribution to improving the contrast in our Ocicats

Rán was sent across Bifröst to join her friends on 20/02/2024, where she can run freely and without pain.

She lives on, in her daughters – Beyla, Nott and Epona, who is with Spotach Ocicats


Our ‘compulsory moggy’.

Paca, a Bengal/BSH X, was bought when Tigga passed.

He loved children and kittens, but was offish with adult cats.

Paca joined the Goddss in 2019