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 Our names are Monika & Owen, we breed Ocicat Classics and Ocicats. We live in the United Kingdom, in the deepest, darkest, depths of Thurrock, Which is on the edge of the village of Aveley, located just inside the M25, North of the river Thames with our Ocicat Classics & Ocicats. We selected our Ocicat Classics and Ocicats from carefully selected lines that have no known genetic defects. As a result, we ensure our cats are as healthy as possible. All Thor’s Oak Kittens are born in our bedroom and raised in our home.


  We socialise all of our Ocicat kittens with our Ocicat Queens and Neuters. This, consequently, ensures that Thor’s Oak Ocicat Classic and Ocicat kittens are all used to normal household activities and noises.


 Our aim in Ocicat Breeding is to improve the genetic diversity of Ocicats and their Ocicat Classic brothers and sisters in the UK. Because of this aim, we asked Rosemary Caunter to breed us an outcross to an Abbysinian, as a Queen (F1). That queen was from her Abyssinian (Manuka) and Thunder. Furthermore, we are working with international breeders, to import carefully selected healthy cats from abroad. Firstly we imported 2 Ocicats from Russia, a black silver (ebony in the USA) spotted male and a cinnamon female as part of this aim. Also, we have imported a blue self (which is called solid in Europe and the USA) female from Czechia.
 Since then we have imported a Chocolate Ocicat girl from France, a Chocolate Silver Ocicat from Finland; a Cinnamon Ocicat Classic girl from Germany and most recently, a Tawny Ocicat boy from Poland.

Showing Ocicat Classics & Ocicats

From the beginning, we began showing with GCCF almost as soon as we got our first two Ocicats, Tikari (our foundation queen) who was a tawny classic and Tambaa a fawn-spotted neutered boy. Tikari was a bit crowd-shy and didn’t like being on the “show bench” Tambaa, however, was a bit of a Divo who loved the attention and made it to Grand Premier.

Tikari’s firstborn male Sonnüng was a large Chocolate Silver Classic who loved being shown and was made the First-Ever GCCF Imperial Grand Champion, Ocicat Classic.

To date, we have had regular success in shows


We have kittens available and due.
To see if we have Ocicat or Ocicat Classic kittens due or available please go to our Kitten page, Thor’s Oak Kittens

Retired Neutered Ocicats

Very occasionally we have to re-home retired Neutered cats. Should someone be searching for an older lady or gentleman as a companion please:-

rehome retired Ocicat classics an Ocicats

Aveley is a ten-minute drive from the junction of the A13 and M25 (J30/31) and four miles from the north exit of the Dartford Crossing. *Note. The pin on the map is in the village of Aveley for reference purposes. Although very close by, it is not our exact address. (We will, therefore, give you our address when you make an appointment.)

Thor’s Oak Cattery Name

Local legend states, Thor’s Oak, a tree sacred to the Norse God Thor, stood hereabouts. That legend continues that Thurrock is named after Thor’s Oaktree. We took our cattery name from that legend. The truth is, Thurrock is on a bend in the River Thames which resembles a ‘Turroc’. Turroc is an Anglo-Saxon word for the bilge of a ship. At Thor’s Oak, we normally have Ocicat and Ocicat Classic kittens available. To be adopted by one, please, Contact Us to arrange an interview with mum.


Always remember: –

Thousands of years ago,
Cats were worshipped as Gods.
Cats have not forgotten this.

Bast - Eygiptian cat goddess. Representing Thor's Oak Ocicat Classics and Ocicats

Bast / Bastet

  Breeders Of Ocicat Clasics and Ocicats