Retired Boys Of Thor’s Oak

Our retired boys are neutered and then they find forever family homes as pets.

Imperial Grand Champion Thorsoak Sonnung (Sonnüng)

Sonnüng takes his name from Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. Thor has several names one is Sonnüng. His name translates as ‘the true one’. Our belief is Sonnüng is aptly named.

One of Tikari’s firstborn, Sonnüng is a Chocolate Silver, well proportioned, muscular, a boy who has a pronounced ‘wild look’. Although he is, in reality, a big softy.

GCCF recognised Ocicat Classics as a full Championship Breed on 26th June 2013

Sonnüng, consequently, attained his Grand Champion title in 6 consecutive shows.

On Saturday 10/02/2018 Sonnüng gained his 5th Imperial Grand Champion Challenge Certificate. Consequently, Sonnüng became the First Imperial grand Champion Ocicat Classic

Sonnüng retired on 11th March 2021, after a long career during which he gave us many strong sons and beautiful daughters!


Grand Champion Thorsoak Biorn

Biorn, similarly to Sonnüng, is named after Thor. Biorn is the Anglification of Bjorn (The Bear) another of Thor’s names

Luck was with us when we first mated Sast, because Biorn is from that first litter.

Biorn is a black silver Ocicat, He is a bit shy and a lady’s cat. Biorn has now been retired and is living with his forever family.


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Biorn before retirement


Thorsoak Zeus of Rymelias (Zeus)

Zeus is a tawny Ocicat a striking lad who is the son of GrCh THORSOAK AMORPHA and FIFe supreme Champion Jakob’s Cats Cato

Born 07/01/2018. Mellissa of Rymelias cattery took; him to be a stud.

Unfortunately, Mellisa stopped breeding Ocicats and decided to offer Zeus back to us. We then willingly accepted the offer.

Zeus was retired in August 2021 at 3½ years old.


From Russia With Love:

Champion Modi Amagitsune*RU (Modi)

Modi is named after one of Thor’s Sons, Móði, the Norse God of battle and wrath.

Modi’s temperament in contrast to his namesake is friendly and affectionate. This young cat cannot be on his own.

Imported from Russia, above all Modi will help improve the gene pool of Ocicats in the UK

We are very grateful to Irina Koroleva of Amagitsune, for entrusting us with this handsome boy.

After siring 32 kittens, 4 of which carried on his line, Modi was retired in February 2022 aged 5 years and 3 Months


Thorsoak Baldr-Sonnungsson (Baldr)

Baldr is named after the Norse God Baldr who is the god of light, joy, purity and the summer sun in Norse mythology. Baldr is a son of the god Óðinn and the goddess Frigg.

Our Baldr is the son of Imperial Grand Champion Thorsoak Sonnüng and Champion Syr Amagitsune*RU.

A very relaxed and friendly chocolate Ocicat. Baldr was born in November 2020