Below are Retired Neutered Ocicats we are re-homing

Retired Neutered Ocicats.

With all our Adoptees an adoption fee applies.

retired neutered ocicat Odin

Thorsoak Myrrha and Modi Amagitsune


We have 2 Pedigree Neutered Retired Ocicats looking for their forever home. Modi a black silver male is 5yrs and 5 months old and his companion Myrrha a tawny female is 8yrs old.

We nicknamed them ‘the married couple’. as they ‘fell in love’ when they were put together for a mating which did not work. We separated them and Modi cried his eyes out and Myrrha wanted to go back to Modi. Because of this Myrrha was neutered and rejoined Modi in his house.

Whenever Myrrha was separated from Modi, so he could perform his manly duties, Myrrha sulked and when she was returned to him she boxed his ears and told him off. Modi has now been neutered and they are still together but they cannot come back into our house because our entire queens will not allow it. We are therefore looking for their forever home together.

They are happy to live indoors and shouldn’t go out of a secure garden as they have not developed road sense! They both love their cuddles and playtime. both are happy with older children and young teenagers.

They have had no serious injuries or illnesses. Myrrha had only one litter before she was neutered. Their vaccinations are up to date, They have been treated for worms and fleas regularly. They are both microchipped We are asking for £450.00 for both the pair of them. A loving couple who we will miss. More pictures can be sent on request.