Below are Retired Neutered Ocicats we are re-homing


With all our Adoptees an adoption fee applies.



Thorsoak Lofn-Synsdatter


Shy Lofn is also camera shy so we cannot easily take photos.

We are working on this.




We have a Pedigree Neutered Retired Ocicat Girl looking for her forever home.  Lofn is a Black Silver Ocicat female who was born on 01/06/2021.

Her mother is Sýn and her Sire is Hœnir

She was neutered on 26/4/2024.

She is a shy cat who has never been pregnant and has had no illnesses or injuries.
She is happy to live indoors and shouldn’t go out of a secure garden as she has not developed road sense! She is active and although she is shy, loves a fuss when she feels comfortable.

Her shyness got worse as our active Queens ganged upon her after she was neutered. She is currently residing in a spare Stud House, where she is comfortable and has peace.

Her vaccinations are up to date. She has been treated for worms and fleas regularly. She is microchipped.
We are asking for a donation for her. A loving girl who we will miss.



Pictures Hopefully Soon