COVID19 restrictions

During the Covid19 pandemic, the government has introduced restrictions on home visits.

We are still able to home our kittens, but unfortunately, visiting kittens indoors is not allowed. We will send photos and videos of the kittens and their mum to prospective forever families.  The photos and videos will include group and single cat and or kitten images. It is also possible to arrange video calls.

When and if restrictions allow a ‘garden visit’ we are happy to arrange an appointment for prospective forever families to visit us in our garden where you will be able to see the parents and older kittens weather permitting (we do not allow young kittens into our, cat proofed, garden until their first vaccination).

Collection/Delivery of kittens during COVID 19.

We are happy to deliver kittens to their new family. We ill make arrangements for delivery if necessary by phone or email.

the CFSG have specified how Kitten collections and deliveries may be conducted.

Please read the CFSG Covid Guidance. The relevant section is pages 6&7

We thank you in advance for your understanding.
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